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How to Travel in Taipei on a Tight Budget: Money-Saving Taipei Travel Guide

Updated: May 21

Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic city of Taipei, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern innovation to create a captivating destination for budget-conscious travelers. In this Taipei travel guide, we'll uncover the secrets to exploring Taiwan's capital without breaking the bank. From sampling delectable street food to discovering hidden gems off the beaten path, join us as we navigate Taipei's bustling streets, money-saving travel tips, cultural landmarks, and breathtaking landscapes—all while keeping your wallet happy. Get ready to embark on an affordable adventure filled with unforgettable experiences in the heart of Asia. Welcome to "Money-saving Taipei Travel Guide"!

1. Navigating Affordable Flights to Taipei

Embark on your Taipei adventure by securing the most budget-friendly flight deals. Master the art of finding pocket-friendly airfares through diverse online platforms, setting up price alerts, and maintaining flexibility with travel dates. Explore popular flight search engines such as Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, and Momondo to compare prices and seize the top deals for your travel in Taipei.

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2. Exploring Budget-Friendly Accommodations in Taipei

Discover a range of comfortable yet economical lodging choices in Taipei, providing an opportunity to experience the city without sacrificing financial prudence. Delve into a variety of accommodation options, including hostels, budget hotels, and guesthouses, ensuring a budget-friendly yet enjoyable stay. Consider the convenience of apartment rentals or embrace the communal atmosphere of Airbnb for a distinctive and cost-effective accommodation experience in this captivating urban center.

2.1. Hostels in Taipei

Discover the vibrant array of hostels catering to budget-conscious travelers. From lively atmospheres in the city center to cozy options in charming neighborhoods, hostels in Taipei offer an affordable and pleasant accommodation choice. Immerse yourself in the communal spirit, make new friends, and relish the unique experiences that Taipei's hostels provide.

Hostel Name

Dormitory Price per Night

Private Room Price per Night

Crystal City (晶城青年旅館)

€ 18

Not Available

Taipei Backpackers

€ 20

€ 51

On My Way

€ 21

€ 50

Beimen WOW Poshtel

€ 22

€ 56

Backpackers Ximen

€ 23

€ 49

Prices are based on for 1 night and 1 room as of 21-2-2024. These prices are also rough estimates.

2.2. Budget Hotels and Guesthouses

Find a balance between privacy and affordability by exploring budget hotels and guesthouses in Taipei. Explore options in the city center and quieter districts, where you can find comfortable and wallet-friendly stays with a local touch. Immerse yourself in Taipei's vibrant culture while enjoying the comforts of a budget-friendly accommodation.

Hotel Name

Room Price per Night

Guesthouse Name

Room Price per Night

Red Cabin Inn

€ 36

Lin Inn Wan Nian

€ 74

Urbanone Hotel

€ 44

Jeanette Home

€ 107

Fuyale Hotel

€ 47



Check Inn New Taipei LuZhou

€ 52



Attic Hotel

€ 52



Prices are based on for 1 night and 1 room as of 21-2-2024. These prices are also rough estimates.

2.3. Airbnb and Apartment Rentals

Experience the flexibility of your stay by exploring Airbnb and apartment rentals in Taipei. Immerse yourself in local neighborhoods, live like a resident, and enjoy more space and amenities than traditional accommodations. Customize your lodging to fit your budget and preferences for a personalized Taipei experience.


Room Price per Night


Room Price per Night

Ximen Diary (日記)

€ 103



Bright & Cozy Home

€ 129



MRT Beitou Accommodation

€ 145



Gloria Residence

€ 169



Leofoo Residences

€ 179



Prices are based on for 1 night and 1 room as of 21-2-2024. These prices are also rough estimates.

3. Mastering Money-Saving Travel Tips in Taipei

Make the most of your budget in Taipei with insider tips on affordable exploration. Discover the advantages of the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass, navigate the city with cost-effective public transportation, and indulge in local cuisine without overspending.

3.1. Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass

Unlock the full potential of your Taipei adventure with the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass—an essential tool for budget travelers. This comprehensive pass offers free entry to numerous attractions, museums, and galleries. Additionally, it provides unlimited access to Taipei's efficient public transportation system, allowing you to maximize savings while exploring the city's rich cultural offerings.


24 hours

48 hours

72 hours


1.500 NT ($ 47,68)

1.900 NT ($60,40)

2.200 NT ($ 69,94)

Info is based on as of 20-2-2024. Visit their site for more info.

3.2. Public Transportation

Taipei's public transportation system is both efficient and cost-effective. Invest in a multi-day travel pass for unlimited access to buses, the metro, and the iconic Taipei Maokong Gondola. Navigating the city becomes seamless, and you'll save considerably compared to purchasing individual tickets for each journey.

3.3. Eating on a Budget

Indulge in Taipei's culinary scene without breaking the bank. Opt for local eateries tucked away from tourist hubs for authentic and affordable Taiwanese cuisine. Explore bustling night markets for a plethora of street food options, and consider dining at hole-in-the-wall restaurants or trying out lunch specials for wallet-friendly meals. Be sure to sample traditional delights like beef noodle soup and xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) for an authentic taste of Taipei.

Xiaolongbao Soup Dumplings, Taipei food cost, Taipei Travel Guide, thewanderingvoyager

3.4. Free and Low-Cost Attractions

Taipei boasts a wealth of architectural wonders and cultural landmarks that won't dent your wallet. Explore iconic sites such as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, stroll through the historic streets of Dadaocheng, and marvel at the majestic Taipei 101—all without spending a penny. Take advantage of the city's numerous parks, temples, and museums with free or low-cost admission to immerse yourself in Taipei's rich heritage and vibrant culture. 4. Embracing Off-Peak Travel in Taipei

Discover the allure of Taipei while minimizing expenses by planning your trip during off-peak seasons. Explore the advantages of off-peak travel, capitalize on its deals, and immerse yourself in the city's green spaces in a serene atmosphere. Delight in festivals and events, embracing the local culture without the crowds and inflated prices associated with peak tourist periods.

4.1. Benefits of Off-Peak Travel

Off-peak travel in Taipei offers a tranquil experience, allowing you to explore the city's attractions and neighborhoods without the hustle and bustle of peak crowds.

You'll also enjoy lower prices for accommodations, attractions, and dining, enabling you to stretch your budget further and indulge in unique experiences.

With fewer tourists, you'll have more opportunities to connect with locals, discovering hidden gems and insider tips that enhance your Taipei adventure with authentic experiences. 4.2. Four Must-Try Free or Cheap Activities Visit Temples

Temples are an integral part of Taiwanese culture, and visiting them offers a glimpse into the country's rich spiritual heritage. Longshan Temple, located in the heart of Taipei's Wanhua District, is one of the city's oldest and most renowned temples. Step inside to admire the intricate architecture, and ornate decorations, and witness locals engaging in religious rituals.

Longshan Temple, Taipei Temples,Taipei Travel Guide,thewanderingvoyager

For a serene escape from the urban bustle, head to Bao'an Temple nestled in Datong District. This hidden gem exudes a tranquil ambiance, allowing visitors to contemplate amidst its peaceful surroundings. Take your time to explore the temple's intricately carved stone pillars, serene courtyards, and vibrant altars.

Explore Parks

Escape the concrete jungle and immerse yourself in Taipei's lush green spaces. Daan Forest Park, located in the Daan District, offers a refreshing retreat with its verdant foliage, tranquil ponds, and meandering pathways. Whether you're looking for a stroll, a picnic spot, or a peaceful oasis for meditation, this urban park has something for everyone.

Daan Park, Explore daan Parks, thewanderingvoyager,Taipei Travel Guide

Hike Elephant Mountain

For panoramic views of Taipei's skyline without spending a dime, embark on a hike up Elephant Mountain. Located near the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, this relatively short hike offers rewarding vistas of the cityscape, especially during sunrise or sunset. Follow the well-marked trail to reach the summit, where you'll be greeted with breathtaking views of Taipei's bustling metropolis below.

Elephant Mountain, Hike Elephant Mountain, Taipei Travel Guide, Money Saving Travel Tips,thewanderingvoyager

Wander through Night Markets

No visit to Taipei is complete without indulging in its vibrant street food scene at the city's famous night markets. Shilin Night Market, Taipei's largest and most popular night market, is a bustling hub of food stalls, shops, and entertainment. Sample local delicacies such as stinky tofu, oyster omelets, and bubble tea as you wander through the maze of alleyways.

Shilin Night Market, Wander through Night Markets,thewanderingvoyager, Taipei Travel Guide

Raohe Street Night Market, located near Songshan Station, is another must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. With its lively atmosphere and mouthwatering array of street snacks, this historic night market offers a sensory feast for visitors of all ages. Conclusion

In essence, Taipei is an affordable haven for travelers seeking diverse cultural experiences without draining their wallets. With its array of free and low-cost attractions, from ancient temples to bustling night markets, the city offers budget-conscious adventurers ample opportunities to delve into its rich tapestry of history, culture, and culinary delights, making it an ideal destination for thrifty yet rewarding travel experiences.

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